Insaconnect iPABX

Instaconnect iPBX software solution designed for small and medium-sized businesses. iPBX comes in two flavors: the open-source community edition and a hybrid-hosted, commercially-proven solution.

iPBX telephony application platform is the open source software that has quickly become the most popular combines the best of the open source telephony tools into one easy-to-install package, along with the dashboard which provides a web-based interface to configure and manage a complete IP-PBX system
Why use iPBX?

iPBX is the most flexible PBX system available today. If you need a highly customized solution & allows you to build your own custom features and modules, but you can rely upon the community to help as well. The community is one of the largest and most active communities of IP PABX users in the world. The members of this community work every day to help each other answer questions, resolve issues, fix bugs, make enhancements, and develop projects. iPBX has all the benefits of open source plus a commercial company standing behind it.
Who uses iPBX?

Companies around the world, from two-station law firms to mid-size corporations with hundreds of users, rely on iPBX -based systems to run their business.

The open source revolution in the software industry has made it possible to provide Instaconnect iPBX at an affordable price. Among other features,

iPBX v2.4

iPBX v2.4, released in December 2007, provides the community with increased reliability and many new features, including a point-and-click, Web-based graphical user interface (GUI) that dramatically increases ease of use, streamlines installation, and virtually eliminates the need for the command line. Furthermore, v2.4 provides an enhanced call data reporting module, a new network interface configuration tool, a new admin status screen, and an improved endpoint manager tool that now supports Polycom, Linksys, Aastra, Cisco, Grandstream, and Snom IP phones.

iPBX Basic Setup & configuration pricing starts from Ksh 80,000 onwards

All proposals are customized to suit your own requirements, please contact for a complete solution
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