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Web Hositng Features I nsta plan BEST plan PRO plan

The number of E-mail accounts that you can create within your web hosting plan limits. Please note that you can create email accounts only with .com, .net, etc. domain names (e.g. @domain.com), and you can not create email accounts with subdomains or eu.pn domains. Unfortunately, we had to set this limit to avoid spam attempts. Web Space 100 MB 500 MB 10,000 MB
The email alias feature allows you to setup multiple email addresses and point them to any other email address created within your hosting account. Bandwidth 30,000MB 60,000MB 100,000MB
Using E-mail Filters you can easily manage the e-mail traffic to the mailboxes in your web hosting account. You can set filters that apply rules to any incoming e-mail which contains specific keywords in the mail header or body i.e. delete, forward, move to another folder. You can also set priorities and order the way these rules are executed. E-Mail Addresses 5 10 15
In case you e.g. run a newsletter or regularly send emails to multiple recipients, the mailing list can help you to arrange your mailings with minimum efforts on your side. MYSQL Databases 5 10 15
It is sometimes called the default email address. So that you can set your web hosting account to catch any incoming email going to your domain name even if that email address doesn't exist. Control Panel Yes Yes Yes
Eu.pn provides an easy to use web-based software to access your e-mail accounts from anywhere and anytime by logging in the web interface where you can read or send e-mail messages. Web-based Email Yes Yes Yes
POP3 (Post Office Protocol) access allows you to download your e-mail messages straight to your computer and navigate them using your favorite mail client such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora, TheBat, etc. POP3 server access Yes Yes Yes
IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is a powerful protocol providing you direct access to your mailbox online while all
e-mail messages are kept on the mail server. Thus you can control your e-mails from a desktop computer at home, a workstation in your office or a notebook while traveling without transferring or synchronizing messages between those computers.
IMAP server access Yes Yes Yes
SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a text-based protocol being the standard for email transmissions across the Internet. SMTP access enables you to send emails using our email servers. SMTP server access Yes Yes Yes
Email forwarding feature enables you to forward the email messages sent to one email address to any other email address. E-mail forwarding Yes Yes Yes
Using this tool you can setup your email addresses to automatically reply to emails sent to those addresses with your chochosenssage. This feature can be useful e.g. if you are away, or just as notification upon the email receipt, etc. Autoresponders Yes Yes Yes
In case SPAM is becoming a real issue for you and your business, you can block all unwanted e-mails and thus save time and efforts using out Spam Protection feature.

Eu.pn Virus protection system scans, detects and removes any unwanted programs that can potentially corrupt your data, or infringe the normal operation of your website, email, etc.
Anti-SPAM, Virus Protection Yes Yes Yes
Eu.pn allows to setup custom MX records, so that you can run your own mail-server and deliver emails externally. Custom MX Record Yes Yes Yes

Server Side Scripting Insta plan BEST plan PRO plan

PHP is a powerful server side HTML embedded scripting language that is the most well known and widely used one in different web applications like blogs, image gallery, forums, etc.

Eu.pn hosting supports PHP4 (v.4.4.2), PHP5 (v.5.2.5) and PHP6 (v.6.0).

Please note that PHP6 is still experimental version that is not officially released as stable, and it is included only with Eu.pn advanced plans.
PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 6 support New Yes Yes Yes
CGI (Common Gateway Interface) is a standard for interfacing web servers with an executable application. And Perl is the most common CGI scripting languages used now. Eu.pn offers full Perl5 support. CGI/Perl support Yes Yes Yes

Database Support Insta plan BEST plan PRO plan

MySQL is the most popular open source database used by most forums, blogs, and other PHP software and scripts. Eu.pn completely supports MySQL version 4 for both our free and advanced hosting plans, as well as MySQL 5.1 and ability to change versions via Hosting Account Control Panel for our advanced hosting clients. MySQL databases v.4/5 Yes Yes Yes
phpMyAdmin is an advanced database management tool that enables to manage MySQL databases over the web. phpMyAdmin Yes Yes Yes

Web Site Management Insta plan BEST plan PRO plan

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, the internet protocol that is mainly used to upload files to a web server FTP account using any FTP client.
With more than one FTP account you can setup a separate login details for your website co-owner, member of your family, and give them access to different folders of your web hosting account, etc.
FTP accounts 1 5 10
Crontab is used to execute commands and scripts periodically as well as to run commands/scripts at exact time. Cron deamon reads sets of commands (cron jobs) and executes them according to the predefined schedule.
This feature is very useful to automate running of your everyday tasks.
Crontab support / Cron jobs 1 5 10
In case Microsoft FrontPage is used to create web pages and to upload a site, then the hosting server must support FrontPage extensions in order to properly upload and host a website.
Eu.pn does support all the versions of FrontPage extensions, so that you are able to use your preferred Front Page software version to create and upload your site to our servers.
FrontPage Server Extensions Yes Yes Yes
The web based file manager enables you to easily upload, change, rename or delete files and folders in your web hosting account directly via your Control Panel. Web-Based File Manager Yes Yes Yes
SSH support provides an easy way to remotely access a command line interface of your webhosting account and to run shell commands, configure options, transfer large files, make backups, etc. SSH Access (secure shell account) Yes Yes Yes
The Password Protection feature helps you administer easily the web access to the directories in your website hosting account. You can add password protection to any folder in your hosting account so that no one can access it without the proper username/password. Password Protection Yes Yes Yes
A 404 error page is displayed when someone enters an URL or follows a link that does not exist. You can customize your 404 page i.e. put anything you like on it such as friendly statement that the requested page could not be found, using the same feel and look as for the rest of your site. This 404 error page enables you to track where your visitors come from, as well as the sources of broken links. Custom Error 404 pages Yes Yes Yes
Due to security and anti-abuse reasons there are file size limits set for all files on our FREE hosting plans.
And there are NO any file size limits at advanced hosting plans..
File Size Limit 100 MB 100MB 100MB

Pre-Installed PHP Scripts Insta plan BEST plan PRO plan

Advanced Eu.pn plans include pre-installed (few-clicks installation) Discussion Board applications - phpBB and SimpleMachines that you can use to easily create your online forum and invite users all over the internet to participate and discuss things. Discussion Boards
phpBB 3, SimpleMachines (SMF) forums
No Yes Yes
Advanced Eu.pn plans include pre-installed (few-clicks installation) CMS aka Content Management Systems that enable to manage the creation, modification and removal of web content such as computer files, image and audio files, electronic documents, etc. CMS / Content Management Systems
PhpFusion, Xoops, Joomla, Mambo, etc.
No Yes Yes
Advanced Eu.pn plans include pre-installed (few-clicks installation) blog tools i.e. WordPress, b2evolution, geeklog, etc. They enable you to easily create your personal weblog and upload texts, images, audio files, links to other pages, etc. Blogs : WordPress, b2evolution, Geeklog, etc. No Yes Yes
With just few mouse-clicks you can create a guestbook that is the best way to stay in touch with your friends, family and people who visit your website.
Get an instant feedback from your site!
Guestbook : AdvancedGuestBook No Yes Yes

Website Statistics Insta plan BEST plan PRO plan

Webalizer is a web server log file analysis program that produces usage statistics in HTML format. Yearly, monthly, daily and hourly usage statistics are presented, as well as usage by site, URL, referrer, user agent (browser), username, search strings, entry/exit pages, country, etc. Detailed Traffic Statistics (WebAlizer) Yes Yes Yes
This feature enables you to monitor the access and error log files for the domain names and subdomains in your hosting account. Access Logs and Error Logs Yes Yes Yes
Eu.pn advanced Control Panel provides detailed reports on the usage of different features of your web hosting account, so that you can monitor the usage and take the appropriate actions in case some of the allocated hosting resources go close or over the limits set in the account. Resources Usage Reports Yes Yes Yes
This feature enables to monitor the traffic of domain names and subdomains in your hosting account to help you monitor the available traffic resources. Common Traffic Statistics Yes Yes Yes

Technology & Security Insta plan BEST plan PRO plan

Eu.pn uses stable Linux (Debian Linux) operating system with Apache web server. Stable Linux-based OS Yes Yes Yes
Eu.pn uses so called "clustered" hosting technology that enables to provide greater performance, increased reliability and better security at a very reasonable price. Powerful Cluster-based hosting Yes Yes Yes
Eu.pn uses only high-end web server hardware with at least Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 8 GB RAM and SATA II hard drives in RAID configuration High-End Enterprise Servers Yes Yes Yes
All Eu.pn web servers are protected with the firewall, so that you can feel safe knowing that your web site is protected from any standard web server attack. Firewall Protection Yes Yes Yes
This includes an UPS - uninterruptable power source is a device which maintains a continuous supply of electric power from a separate source when utility power is not available. We also have a Diesel generator which supplies power to our servers in case of emergency. Secure Datacenter Environment Yes Yes Yes
All Eu.pn web servers are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure a continuous operation of our web hosting servers and our clients web sites. 24/7 Server Monitoring Yes Yes Yes

Customer Support & Guarantees Insta plan BEST plan PRO plan

Eu.pn Technical Support team of highly qualified professionals is avavailable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and they are willing and ready to help you with any issue that you might come across while using our services. 24/7 customer support Yes Yes Yes
Open a personal trouble ticket from your control panel and you will be directly connected to our technical support team. Trouble Tickets System Yes Yes Yes
Each section of Eu.pn Control Panel contains a "Help link" that leads to the detailed instructions on how to use that section. Integrated context help Yes Yes Yes
This support section provides answers to the most frequent questions and solutions to the most common issues. Frequently Asked Questions Yes Yes Yes
Eu.pn guarantees 99.8% network uptime. 99.8% uptime guarantee Yes Yes Yes
Free web hosting accounts are activated instantly, and advanced accounts are activated within minutes of verification (please see Terms of Service page). Quick Account Activation 24 Hours 24 Hours 24 Hours

Pricing Insta plan BEST plan PRO plan

This is a cost of Eu.pn website hosting plans calculated on monthly basis. Monthly Price (paid annually) Kshs. 8,000 Kshs. 15,000 Kshs. 20,000
Eu.pn does not charge any setup or activation fees, so that the account setup and activation is totally free, and the setup process is also very fast! Setup/Activation Fee FREE FREE FREE
Eu.pn advanced hosting plans include a FREE one year domain name registration of one TLD domain name (.eu, .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info. or .us), and Eu.pn free hosting plan does NOT include this feature. One Top Level Domain
(.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, co.ke, .or.ke)
3,000 / Year 3,000 / Year 3,000 / Year

The total yearly price of each hosting plan that you should pay to order the package (in case of free plan you pay 0.00 yearly) TOTAL ANNUAL PRICE Kshs 11,000 / year Kshs 18,000 / year Kshs 23,000 / year

Contact us on 020-2318300/12/3 or 020-5010000 for more sales and information.


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